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PTG- Dealer Services

PTG Dealer Services stands at the forefront of automotive innovation and service, offering an extensive range of products and consultancy solutions to the industry's key players.

Partnering with DCR Systems and Commercial Capital Co., PTG brings you the Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Lathe. Please explore below to discover how this tire-on technology is changing the automotive industry.

DCR- Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Lathe

DCR System’s cutting-edge product technology and solutions ensure precise and durable refinishing results, enhancing the appearance and performance of alloy wheels, with a proven track record of excellence and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction.

H20 Blaster

Prepare your alloy wheels with our H20 Blaster- the smart way to ensure alloy wheels are prepared properly before painting.

The H20 Blaster is a self-contained hydro blaster that does not need a direct water feed due to its built-in sump that recycles all water and media

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H20 Blaster

The H2O Wet Blaster harnesses the power of water and abrasive media to deliver unparalleled preparation results. This innovative machine easily removes grime, dirt, rust from alloy wheels, preparing wheel to the highest standard prior to cutting or planting. Traditional methods which are both time consuming and may leave behind stubborn residues, the H2O Wet Blaster ensures a thorough and consistent preperation process, saving you time and effort.


The DCR Pro Wheel Lathe empowers alloy wheel repair specialists to achieve precise, high-quality results. Its advanced technology allows for precision machining of damaged or worn wheel surfaces, restoring them to their original condition. Whether it’s correcting wheel runouts, addressing curb damage, or removing scratches, the DCR Pro Wheel Lathe ensures precise cuts and a flawless finish, enhancing the wheels’ aesthetics and value. The DCR-Pro will produce the pristine ‘factory finish’ you’ve been looking for within 15 minutes on average.

Spray & Cure

The heart of our Spray & Cure Booth lies in its electric wheel stand, engineered to manoeuvre wheels into the optimal painting position effortlessly. This ensures a meticulous application, eliminating the risk of uneven coating. Once painted, the wheel stand transitions to a flat position for the curing cycle, setting the stage for a flawless finish.


Equipped with two spray heads, the PaintMatic caters to both water-based color and solvent-based clear coat applications. This dual functionality ensures flexibility in the painting process, allowing for a seamless transition between different coatings.

About DCR Systems

DCR Systems has more than 10 years of global manufacturing experience of alloy wheel refinishing machinery

Three Stage Process

Specializing in a three-stage process for alloy wheel refinishing.

Prepare- Repair- Paint

Tire- On

DCR is the first in the world to design an alloy wheel lathe using "tire-on" technology, leaving the tire on the wheel throughout the refinishing and painting process

Manufactured in the US

Proudly designed and made in the UK, and a satellite manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Add additional gross profit to the service department.

  • Retain all the gross that is currently being sent out for wheel refinishing sublet repairs.

  • Reduce unapplied shop hours by keeping techs busy.

  • Manage your own claims on the wheel entire packages sold through F&I.

  • Become the sublet repair shop for other local dealerships and body shops.

  • Make wheel refinishing a part of your used car reconditioning to make used cars more attractive and increased internal labor growth.

  • Reduce customer wait time for this repair compared to sending it out for two or three days.

  • Reduce the number of vehicles in the shop waiting for return wheels.

  • Service advisors can sell the service right off the service drive that customer check in. Approximately 65% of all service customers have wheel damage on at least one wheel.

  • By incorporating DCR into your service business model you will significantly increase the quality of repair and customer satisfaction while decreasing mobile vendor traffic in your service department.


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